Syncing tracks from StaffPad in Cubase? Time stretch?

Hi everyone, was hoping someone could shed some light on something for me that is slowly driving me insane.

Let me explain:

I use a surface 3 and Staffpad to transcribe the melodies of the show I’m currently in. What I want to do is export these transcribed melodies as an MP3 and match them to an mp3 recording of the show in Cubase 8 Elements.

The issue is the recording I’m using falls in and out of time with my 3/4, 50bpm transcription, no matter how well I try to line it up.

Is there anything I can do to snap the the two together? I’ve played with time stretching and so far no luck. Am I missing something?

Many thanks!

I’m not familiar with Staffpad but, having just looked it up, I think I should look into it…

I’m guessing that your problem is that Staffpad is producing a regular tempo, whereas your audio isn’t. Even if it’s being played at a nominal 50 bpm, if it’s live playing it won’t be consistent. There is a feature in Cubase Pro called Time Warp, where you can tweak bar (and beat) positions to exactly line up with recorded audio. It’s called building a tempo map and it’s brilliantly useful. Sadly for you, it’s a Pro only feature (it says in the manual).

I see that Staffpad can output midi. You might be able to tweak positions that way, although your bar/beat positions will end up who knows how. But as long as it’s in time, who cares?

Hope this gets you started, it deserves a bump. Why not change the thread title to include “Staffpad” too? You can’t be the only person using it and I’d love to hear how this turns out cos it might just have to go on the list…


I’ve updated the thread name, good suggestion!

StaffPad is an amazing piece of software. It does take some getting used to, and it is definitely still growing but it works a treat, especially for what I use it for!

MIDI might be a better way of lining everything up, I’ll give that a go tonight! Are there any alternatives to the Time Warp feature without going pro?

Not as far as I know but I might be wrong. Maybe someone else will confirm (or not)…