Syncing two Cubase(s) and recording on the slave

Assuming two dongles…

I have a MOTU Micro Express USB that I use w/Cubase on my main computer. I want to launch Cubase on a 2nd computer, have that Cubase follow the first, and in the slave Cubase, record several takes on several different audio tracks.

This is what I think I need:

A second MIDI interface (the current MOTU only has one USB port, and can only be hooked to one computer) which will go USB to the slave machine, and see MTC from the first via a MIDI port
To set the Proj Sync Setup correctly in both machines
A way to select the different audio tracks in the slave, and arm them

The last one is where I am stuck. Well, not really stuck - I have not yet put this into motion, but in thinking about how to do this, I see that as being an issue. Do I need a controller surface for that (I actually started a CS thread a while ago), or is there a better way?

Any other insight I need here? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hello Jeff,
The answer would normally be to use VST System Link, but it never worked for me, so I resorted to VE Pro which turned out to be a life saver. You might like to check the manual for VST System link for detailed info (in which case you need another “compatible” audio interface), but I strongly recommend VSL VE Pro, which I guess you already know about. No extra hardware needed, just a LAN cable.


Thanks for the reply.

I have VEPro - it is part of my template. I see no way of doing this. I am not looking to host anything; I am looking to record into Cubase on the slave. Can you explain where VEPro comes in handy here?


I’m not sure exactly how. But since VE Pro has inputs and all sorts of possibilities/flexibilities, It might be possible to do what you’re trying to achieve. I can’t reproduce it on my own system, but you can. This is certainly a better/more optimistic way to waste your time than trying the VST System Link. Maybe you can assign one of the inputs of VE Pro to your slave Cubase and establish a MIDI sync (master/slave) through one of VE Pro’s MIDI ports. It may take some time to try, but if/when it works, you will have a lot of fun.

Sorry can’t help much further.
Good luck.

It’s not.