Syncing Video in Pro Tools


I have a video running in Pro Tools on a separate computer from my Cubase computer which I’m syncing up with MTC and MMC. The sync is fine when I hit play in Cubase, but if I skip around (not playing) or try to go frame by frame Pro Tools doesn’t follow.

I used to work in Logic and this worked as it should. I’ve read through the manual and the forum and couldn’t find a proper answer.

Here is a screen shot of my sync settings. I’d appreciate any and all help with this matter.

Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 2.47.11 PM.png

MIDISports always required the use of the Emulated Ports in Cubase, could be the issue. Look up enableemulated in the manual to see how to get them to show. This is PC only.

Thanks for the info. I’m not on a PC, so this doesn’t pertain to me, correct? On the other hand, I’ve had the same MIDI interface for years and haven’t had an issue with it and syncing a Pro Tools rig. Like I said, my original question works with all the same hardware fine in Logic. I’m sure Cubase can do this as well, I’m just not certain how it works.

Still not used to the PC and Mac forums being co-ed. :blush: :mrgreen:

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First of all make sure u dont use high def frame rates cause they r not supported by midi and will be translated to the nearest standard ones and that can be a problem, but cant tell for sure cause i cant test at the moment.
Where does ur midi tc go? Ur shot shows “nowhere”!
Machine controle needs to send data on stop etc.
Make sure neither pt nor the interfaces free run.

Sorry i cant be more specific but i am away atm.
Could u try logic instead of pt to see if they behave differently?