Syncing with internal arpegiator issue!

I am having issues with getting Cubase 6 (32bit) syncing with various vst arpegiator instruments… why is it not syncing ? These are not jbridged btw.

Hey joules, U need to be a bit more specific with your problem to get any indepth help m8…Can u elaborate as to which plug etc and ur specific problem…then I can probably point out where your going wrong… :wink:

Oh yes sorry. It’s with the korg legacy collection monopoly.

Joules Im having a stab here as Im not at my studio, but I cant remeber If the Monopoly have Time division Sync on the arp (1/4 1/8 32 etc) or is it tied to HZ frequency ?

Yes you are right, it is within an area called base sync where the values can be: 1/4 1/8 and 1/32 etc. It is definitely syncing with the computer, though delayed somehow, and not only in this project. Older versions of cubase worked fine with arps, though this one seems like it runs late. I have checked the midi data and that s fine… have exported the audio to have a look at how late it can be and sure enough it needs moving back. So, to compensate, I am having to change the latency values which is no good! It is only with arpegiator sounds and all other midi is fine… They sync perfectly if I use the arpache plugin whilst disabling the vst arpegiator, though that just won’t do me long term… Hmmmmm… I am truly stuck…