All of a sudden iPad Dorico doesn’t seem to want to save according to preferences. I select iCloud save but doesn’t work.

But good news is iPad no longer freezes even with Magic Keyboard attached :slight_smile:

Can you say a little more about the nature of the problem you’re experiencing? You’re finding that when you create a new project and save it, it isn’t saved to iCloud Drive? If you look in the Dorico folder after tapping iCloud Drive in the sidebar in the Files app, you don’t see your new project listed there? What about when you select the iCloud Drive button in the Open Recent page of the Hub in Dorico itself?

It seems to be not saving to the iCloud Drive. It opens in iPad fine but when I open it on MacBook Pro it is an older version of the file. The only way I can get it the latest edited version of the file is to export it as a Dorico project from iPad and export it to MacBook. Does that sort of make sense? Only happens since last update on iPad.

Hi, if you use the Files app on your iPad: can you locate the file?
It might be saved in ->iCloud->Dorico
or at another location you choose yourself.

I can locate the file but it isn’t the version on iPad. It’s an older incomplete version.

Try to look at another location; you may also do a Search in the Files App.
Also, if you in Dorico on iPad display the open recent list as paths, you might get an idea, where your file gets saved to.
I had these “panics” too, and later realised that the file was actually present, but just had been saved to a different location…

So…any projects i start on iPad are no longer syncing to iCloud. Ive used spotlight to search on the macbook but they are nowhere to be seen. Always used to work.

you have to do the search on the iPad, not the Macbook
(because you are investigating, where your Dorico project file does end up).

  1. check the Preferences:

  2. How is this set?

  3. Now check your Recent Projects in Dorico (Open Recent):

  4. Where does the path point to?

ive found the file on the mac but its not updating. It just has the staves, clefs, time and key sigs … the notes entered on the ipad are not syncing to the file. I might force icloud to sync when I gt time. Strange how thi has only just started happening though since last update on ipad?

You know, you can also use your browser (Safari), log into and look for the file there. That’s basically the switchboard for your files. Then you know, what’s going on. It might be just a bad internet day, and your synchronisation has taken a bit longer.
Always check these little sync icons in your finder, before opening a file on iCloud. Sometimes they are not done yet…