Syncopated beat grouping

I have a piece in 4/4 and want the beat grouping to be dotted-crotchet, dotted-crotchet, crotchet. How can I tell Dorico? Obviously if I enter the time signature as [3+3+2]/4 it gives me 8/4, but it doesn’t seem to recognise [1.5+1.5+1]/4. Is this even possible, or will I have to manually lock my durations and manually adjust the beaming? Thanks.

Manually re-beam your first bar. In the second bar, enter [3+3+2]/8 and hide the time signature.

Dan’s solution would work, but I would recommend just using 8/8 from the start as the pulse you specified is exactly what 8/8 is for.

Or literally displaying it as 3+3+2/8.