Syncopated Rhythm (Sibelius to Dorico or 8/8 to 4/4)

Hi everyone,

I imported a score that was originally created in Sibelius and some funny things happened to the beaming. For instance there are many syncopated rhythms that are notated as 16th notes tied to each other although the notation options of the project are set to default which would result in 8th notes.

Or could this have something to do with the fact that I changed a passage from showing in 8/8 to be showing in 4/4?

Is there a way to make Dorico re-apply the default notation options to the entire project?

Warm wishes from Amsterdam,


What was set at Preferences > MusicXML Import at the point at which you imported the MusicXML? If the note grouping option was ticked then all of your note values effectively have forced duration.

It may be that you can fix them by toggling force duration off; I’m not sure.

Thank you for your quick reply! Indeed, I pressed “ctrl. A” and the force duration icon was glowing. I turned it off now but it still doesn’t apply the default notation.

If you’ve not yet done a lot of additional work on the project, probably your best bet is to go to the MusicXML Import page of Preferences and switch off more or less all of the options in there so that Dorico has the freest hand possible to import the material using its own defaults, then import the MusicXML file again.

Thank you, I’ll think of that next time. Unfortunately I worked many hours on this piece until I got to the part with the syncopated rhythms… :sweat_smile: