Syncopation, note grouping

Is it possible to achieve the attached image without using force duration? I wish the short-long-short note grouping options did not apply to sixteenth-eighth patterns because I don’t ever want to see an eighth-note crossing a beat boundary in 4/4. However I do like the look of eighth-quarter-eighth (as long the half-bar is still shown).

Maybe I need to learn to love force duration… but using it makes me feel like I’m fighting the program, especially when I repeat myself. And for an xml import it becomes a large task.

I agree and would like the same option. It’s not possible without Force Duration currently, as far as I’ve been able to tell.

All I’ve done is estimate which option will occur more frequently in the piece, choose that in Notation Options, and force the other when it comes up.

For repeated patterns, you can copy-paste forced durations, or use R (one of my favorites). You can also lock durations to change notes while preserving the exact notated rhythm you’ve specified.

Thanks for these tips, Dan. Yes, I would love this feature to be possible.

Just focussing on your final point, Jeff, it needn’t be relevant when it comes to MusicXML imports. If you ensure that the following options are ticked in your Dorico Preferences, the attached file (once unzipped) should import exactly as you want it, regardless of how your Notation Options are set. (2.26 KB)

Oh very cool! That is great to know.

According to benwiggy, you can’t blindly trust this, I’m afraid: