syncronizing lead vocal and second voice

I am struggling with some vocals. I in the chorus I have a lead vocal and a second voice supporting the lead vocal in the background. I would like to know, if there is a way to synchronize the two vocals, so it will sound more tight. At the moment I am trying to move the words one by one by listening.

There’s Vocalalign by Synchro Arts, try it



At one point Revoice Pro, Synchro Arts flagship, was just a bit more expensive than Vocalign … Will take a look at that too (big sale might be going on now as well, to mark release of latest version).

expensive piece of software for doing that trick. ;-(

Ask the singer to share expenses :wink:

This is a bit of a pain, but you can open all of your vocal tracks in the sample editor and use audio warp / free warp to match them up. You have to switch back and forth a lot, so it gets a bit tiring. You can also finagle with timing a bit in the variaudio tab, which allows you to easily see all the pitches in your vocal tracks at once, which can be helpful for tightening harmonies, but not so much on doubles with the same pitches.

I wish it was possible to view all your audio tracks one under each other in the the sample editor and then you could quickly line up notes that are off by jumping around quickly and seeing if one vocalist is late or early vs the lead. I dont want to quantize the vocal tracks as I like the natural feel of the lead vocalists phrasing. Maybe there was a way to analyze the main vocalists take and use it to quantize the backing vocals? Will have to look into that (not a cubase expert by any means!)

Yes, and no :slight_smile:.

You can synchronizing a whole song in about 2-4 minutes, multiple parts/harmonies, etc. And pretty much brainless, compared to the high levels of concentration needed when doing it “by hand”.

So if it takes 10x longer to do it without RevoicePro, and you are doing this a lot … spread the cost over 2 years, it’s a little more than a half a dollar a day. That’s how long I’ve had mine, and I gotta say, everytime I do this I am thankful I spent the $.

(It also does a lot more - you can create great doubles, adjust the formant of the audio, and in version 3.1 they’ve introduced tuning like VariAudio/Melodyne (and version 3.2 just came out, it’s got some nice improvements).

Celemony Melodyne

Yes, it’ll be ‘by hand’, but you’ll be able to get even the most obtuse timing and pitch issues resolved, and if you take care, the quality of the results can be un-detectable.

I do it in the arranger view manually using slip edit, but it would be a killer feature if there was a vocalign sort of thing built in. I agree the plugin is way too expensive for what it does :frowning:

When reading about Melodyne, I cannot see the difference between that and variaudio in cubase?

Yes, to a large degree you are right…Melodyne does pretty well everything that VarAudio does, but it does so much more besides.

Total control over timing, pitch, snap to scale, volume, polyphonic note separation, harmonic content, spectral changes, formants, re-synthesis - and all completely non-destructive.

Probably the notable exception is that of no Cubase automation in Melodyne - hence my comment of ‘it’ll be by hand’. Like I also said though, with a little practice, the results can be extremely convincing. After a while, you start to recognise an individual vocalist’s less-attractive traits, and corrective editing becomes almost routine and repeatable. Who knows, one day they might enable some sort of macro capability in Melodyne.

…yes, you could ask the backing vocalist to do some practice before tracking. Or you could start from the other end of the telescope- create your perfectly in-time and in-tune harmonies from the lead vocal in Melodyne, then randomise some parameters to make them sound more like an under-rehearsed/less-talented backing vocalist.

I wish, that Steinberg will develop a feature doing the trick…

just bought and tested Vocalign project 3 vst3 64 bit plugin today, and what a waste of money. It simply does not work. either I get a message, that the guide track is not receiving a signal, and when it finally works, the result is completely out of sync. I am so dissapointed. It sounded too good to be true, and it is, atleast for me…;-(

So you bought it before testing it even though a fully functional trial version is available??
And then complain what a waste of money it is :confused:

When I tried it many years ago (standalone version) it was a bit of a pain to use but results were spot on.

yes i was so stupid to believe the videos and decided to buy it because i needed to buy the usb key too. It is a pain to use and it does not work spot on for me. I tried to install a trial of the pro version to see if it made a difference, but it makes cubase crash.

how do you get the dubs in sync?

support helped me so i can make it work manually. So good…

Wow! Tantrum much?!


Patience and knowledge are your friends…if you let them be

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