Syncstation Framerate change problem

Hi there,

I have a production that was mixed with 25 frame TC. Now I have to create from the same production, wich is audio only, no pic, a Dolby Atmos Music production. The setup is Nuendo, syncstation connected to a digital Mixer via RS 422, Dolby Atmos RMU fed by TC generated from the Syncstation. I set the Nuendo to 24 frames, this is required to create a DOLBY Atmos Master, I set the RMU to 24 frames and no I expect the Syncstation to generate LTC at 24 frames, but it does not and the generated LTC is far away from the TC fed from Nuendo to the Syncstation. So the RMU cannot be synced. The sync Master is WC generated by a Rosendahl machine. Question is: Can I select the framerate in the Syncstation??? or what do I do wrong???