SYNFUL Orchestra is now free!

Since it was once relatively expensive software ($479) , I’m posting the email from Eric Lindemann that I received today.

Synful Orchestra is Now Free

Dear Synful Orchestra User,

After nearly 20 years we are excited to announce that Synful Orchestra is now free! No activation or authorization is needed. Just download Synful Orchestra 2.7 from Anyone can do this. It is completely free of charge with no restrictions. Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and colleagues.

Synful Orchestra 2.7 supports AU, VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats. It is 64 bit only. It runs on Mac and Windows with Intel compatible and Apple ARM (M1, M2) processors.

We encourage you to upgrade to Synful Orchestra 2.7. It is fully compatible with previous versions of Synful Orchestra. We intend to stop most authorization and activation of previous versions. However, if you already have a previous version installed and activated this will not affect you.

If you have problems or questions installing Synful Orchestra 2.7 please create a post on our new forum. We will answer all questions there.

Eric Lindemann

Synful, CEO


I admit that I had never even heard of this. So I followed the link and gave the Introduction of the rite a listen. WHAT!?! :exploding_head: WOW! Most impressed! I’m downloading this as soon as I get off work.

Thank you @P.A.T !

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The same for me, I had never heard of this product. I admit that it is rather impressive. I’m going to take a serious look at it. Thank you for sharing!

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I downloaded SYNFUL Orchestra and when I tried to open it I was warned that a virus scan was inconclusive and that the publisher was unknown. I followed the recommendation not to install. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Not here. Installed normally.

I ran the Microsoft antivirus check manually before installing and it came back clean.

Thank you!