Synsopos DCOM Errors preventing use of Cubase

Getting ELicenser, Cubase 10.5, UR44C to work together seemed for me- insurmountable. I didn’t feel comfortable doing Windows Software coding, editing the registry, etc. because in music production I need everything to work as intended and advertised by Steinberg like Cubase has worked for me in the past without encountering consequential blue screens and outages. I can’t really know if the issue is the software or Windows. Steinberg tech support had me do this:


The individual said they did not know if it would work, and hadn’t actually tried it themselves.

I followed the instructions best I could and the Synsopos errors quickly reappeared.

I let the Steinberg tele-tech support who helped me know the outcome and this was their reply (I Xd out name to fair):

“I’m sorry this didn’t work for you. I’ll keep your case open and let you know when we have a permanent fix for this.
Best regards,
Technical Support Specialist
Steinberg US Support”

After that I basically gave my computer to a tech company and paid them to reinstall Windows, and get latest Cubase and UR44C installed and fully functional. Once this is done if it can be accomplished, I will have them one at a time reinstall all my Waves Plugins, then Eastwest Play, then latest version of Halion, etc. If this doesn’t work, I’ll seek counsel from Steinberg about what Windows processor, motherboard, memory, hard drives, graphics card, etc. have proven to work with Steinberg products and then purchase that combo. I don’t want to have to buy a different computer, but will do so in order to be free to create and produce. I have been able to do fantastic work in Cubase- going back to the 1990s. I love this product. Halion is amazing. Eastwest Play works very well in Cubase. Cubase just feels like home.

I don’t know the current configuration of my ASUS laptop. I know it exceeds tech recommendations for Cubase and Halion. I chose a laptop instead of a desktop- so I would not be relegated to producing music in a room. I wanted the flexibility to capture sound, camp, and produce anywhere. The UR44C provides that functionality.

Cubase 10.5 latest version
E-Licenser latest version
Windows 10 Professional
UR44C Audio Interface

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you; Hope on!