Synsopus.exe using 2 gb of RAM!

recently the Synsopus process in Task Manager has begun using 2 gb of ram,slowing the system down so badly the graphics are very jerky. I disconnected all vstis to see if one was causing this but it made no difference. my Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 has been set to a rather hi latency n has never caused a problem like this. I’m using Cubase 6.5, I installed the latest elicenser,but the driver information still shows:

driver date: 6.26.09 (!!) version (btw this is a 32bit program, my OS is 64bit)
what is causing this,why is the elicenser driver from 2009 n not updating? Other songs show a high RAM usage but graghics are ok.

That sounds pretty crazy! Mine is about 180 Mb. If you open task manager and monitor as Cubase opens does it start at that value or does it keep increasing as you work in Cubase?

No.its only doing this as cubase fully loads a song,then its stable. I temporarily fixed this by uninstalling the entire synsopus app n installing the 2012 version which only uses 90mb of ram while so far doing the same job .

However cubase has gone from using around 3gb ram to 6gb (exact same song) and total pc ram usage is even higher! Never saw anything like this in 8 years of use.

You should try reposting this but make sure you add the “Issue” tag and hopefully someone from Steinberg will pick it up. Otherwise I would submit a support ticket.

Thanks 4 your replies.