Synth comp pattern continues in silent bars, and can only be stopped with MIDI reset

Hi, I’ve been working on a new song in Cubase Elements 11 which has a synth comp pattern in it. It starts in the intro as a 2 bar pattern, then after that I want it to stop (please see screenshot below - the 2 bar pattern is circled in red). However, for some reason, even though I’ve set it as a 2 bar pattern, it continues playing even after the 2 bars (see the area marked with an arrow in the screenshot below)

Why is this? Could it be some sort of sustain MIDI command? (I cannot remember if I recorded it with the sustain pedal on my MIDI keyboard pressed down). The only way I can stop it is to go to MIDI > Midi Reset. How can I stop it? Is there any way to add a MIDI rest command to this track only, and after those 2 bars? Alternatively, should I just convert that pattern to audio instead, then import it back in? That might be a possible solution to get round this. Thanks!