synth/effects popup windows cubase 10

Is there any way to make all visible virtual synths/effects/eq, etc, etc windows “disappear” then maybe press another key and they reappear ? my working screen is very very cluttered with various synths and effects windows its a real pain having to move them around just to see the main project screen (all the tracks and mixers). I obviously want to keep them available for further editing or tweaks so I DONT want to close them just make them invisible and then maybe use another key to make them visible again. This would be very useful.

There is KC to open all VSTs on a particular track. And a KC to make any open VSTs regardless of which track they are on…close.

However you might find taking advantage of workspaces is just as good or better way depending on your number of video monitors, screen space etc. Create a workspace for whatever VSTs you wish to have open, and save it as a preset. This way you could create a workspace showing as many VST’s as you desire.

The way I use this is creating a Workspace for every track that has a lot of inserts. For example track 2 has 5 inserts. Therefore open all 5 insert GUIs, arrange them on your video monitor as you wish (I usually order them from top to bottom just like it shows in the track inserts) then save that as a Workspace preset. Going further, you could even do the same with Sends showing which send effects are connected with track 2.

so there is no way I can just press a key (or key combination) ? This would be a much simpler approach