Synth Voice

Back in the 1980’s there was a great synthesized called the DX7.

That synth had a number of really cool synth voices available.

Have had a look in the HALion Sonic instrument list and could not find any voice sounds.

There is “synth voice” and “Voic oohs” but they are more synth sounds than voice sounds.

Any ideas?


Since you are looking for specific sounds probably being creative is a good way to go ? :slight_smile:
F;e. you can download a demo of the later FM8 plugin and look for the specific sounds you are looking for (which will be probably there since they are both FM) and sample them ! (don’t forget to save the vstsound before quitting the project)

kind regards,

FM8 was the closest version of a hardware DX7. Not sure if it’s still available as a softsynth