Synth with a rich Bank and smart search & filtering Broweser

So apparently I’m not that “program your own synth” guy.
And since I left Logic for Cubse, I really miss Alchemy in the aspect of its really rich and wide bank and great searchable by attributes Brower.

So it turns that all my great Serums/Sylenth etc, as rich as their sound and capabilties, can’t help me, as both their OTB banks not rich, and their browsers dont include smart search feature (by attributes filter).

So would you please refer me to VST synth’s, Logic X Alchemy like, i.e. with Really rich and wide bank OTB, and real search by attributes Brower?


There’s a small box to activate filters at the bottom left of each preset browser for all VSTi.
Click on it. Cubase’s VSTi are not like logic’s… Welcome to the pro synth programming world.
Have fun learning…

What?!? I think you’ve answered somebody else…

I thought you were asking about how to filter sounds…

Yes, but where is this small box you mention in Sylenth or Serum…?

Sorry I thought you were asking about steinberg’s VSTi, preset browser filter…