Synth Zone Audio Input Modulation Matrix Destination not functional (solved)

The destination options combo pull down in the Modulation Matrix provides the option to select Audio Input within a Synth Zone, however this functionality does not appear to be working.

I have enabled side chaining in HALion 6 from an audio track and get meter registration of signal in the HALion sample recorder, but the modulation matrix Synth Zone > Audio Input destination option does not appear to connect to HALion audio input. I would be superb if this feature actually worked (this feature is available and functional in Retrologue). I am using the current HALion 6 version (6.2.20). This feature has not been working as far back as version 6.0.

Will this issue be fixed in an upcoming HALion 6 maintenance update?

Hi Scott_A,
the Audio Input destination in the synth section of the modulation matrix works in the same way as in Retrologue 2.0, given that you know how to activate that in HALion, because it’s currently still a developer feature and important controls are not connected to the GUI.

To use it as in Retrologue you have to:

  1. Create a “Program” with a “Synth Zone”
  2. Select the “Synth Zone” in the “Program Tree” and open the “Parameter List” editor
  3. Look for “AudioInOn” and set it to “on”
  4. Look for “AudioInputMix” and set it to 100 %
  5. Secure that “Activate Side Chain” is enabled and an Input is connected
  6. Press “Play” in your host and play a MIDI note on your MIDI keyboard

best regards