Synth Zone super snappy attack in multi mode, is this a bug?

Hi ,when I activate Muti-oscillator in synth zone, attack becomes super snappy. almost like there is a transient designer turned on in the chain. Is this a normal behavior or a bug? I have many other synth and none of them behave like that in multi-osc mode. Example Is in the attached picture.


The Multi-Oscillator mode in other synths is usually an attempt at copying the Roland supersaw. Each of the supersaw’s voices had a little bit of random delay, which softened the attack. Halion’s Multi-Oscillator plays all voices at the exact same time, which creates a far punchier sound.

Halion can produce a pretty good sounding supersaw if you use the Unison feature instead, which allows you to apply random delay to the voices. It would be nice if you could do the same with Multi-Oscillators.

Thanks. You answered my question! :unamused: