Synthesizer Studio-Integration

Hello to all users of Cubase xxx 10.5!

i want to integrate my Korg RADIAS in the “Studio” of Cubase Pro 10.5.
It’s possible to import an xml-File…
But i don’t have an xml.

Does anybody knows, where i can find DATA for integration in Cubase?

Ok, i know it’s difficult, because the RADIAS has no definitly “Factory-Sound-Banks”, because you can load up to 256 different soundsets - and more.
But threre are “standards”, like Oscillator, LFO, ADSR, Filtersettings, Modulation, and so on…

With the RADIAS you got an special Windows-Sound-Editor, which is a great tool.
When i can got a “surface” like HALION for adjusting the Knobs on the RADIAS, that would be great!
And that is all what i want!
No Sound-Banks!

Some Knobs in Halion for adjusting Synthe-Settings have an effect to my RADIAS.
So i know, that it is possible!
But the controllers are used for settings that are different to RADIAS.
The Halion-Knobs send controller data for other settings as they used in RADIAS!

Maybe there exist an “programmer” in this forum, who did this work…
Please let me know!
I would pay cash for this “RADIAS-Cubase-Interface”!

Thanks for your interest!


As far as I know, there is VST plug-in for KORG Radias (I know, there is definitely for Kronos). From this plug-in, you can get the XML file (if the plug-in is the same as it is the plug-in for Kronos). But it’s not necessary to use this XML file. You can control all parameters from the plug-in.

Hi Martin,

thanks for this info!
I don’t found a Plug-in for Radias.
i found something for Kronos, but nothing to download.
Only one, that i can by for 89$.

If you have the link for Kronos, i will load and try it!


The KRONOS/Editor/Plug-In Editor is available here.

Thx, Martin,

that doesn’t work!
Yes, the install was ok, the Prog runs, but i can’t do anything…
Everytime comes “there is no Kronos found … no compatible device…”
I try to install the VST Plugin, but didn’t work too…


It does search for Kronos. If you own Radias, then it cannot work.


in the top of this topic i wrote RADIAS…


I know, you did. Then I informed you that I don’t know, how is it with Radias, but I know, how it is with Kronos. You asked me to send link to Kronos. I did it. Then you said it doesn’t work with Radias and I said the link is for Kronos (because I don’t know, how it is with Radias).

Sorry, it seems, there is no this kind of plug-in for Radias and it seems, Kronos plug-in doesn’t work with Radias. I’m not aware of XML file for Radias, sorry.

Hi Martin,

thank you for your help.
No problem!
Yes, it seems there isn’t a plug-in for RADIAS.
I’ll must build once by myself :slight_smile:
If i could do this…