Synthmaster use in Cubasis3

For the past couple of years I have been using both Synthmaster 1 & 2 as AUv3 in Cubasis on iPad Air 4, the presets are truly amazing.
But in all this time I have been plagued with constant randomly disappearing Midi Learn Parameters in these two synths which I rely on heavily in all my projects. There is nothing worse than expecting programmed midi controlled filter sweeps or ADSR changes that should “go with the flow of the music”, only to hear that nothing changes because the odd parameter or three have lost connection and need to be “re-learned”.
I would be very grateful if other Cubasis users who have had these same problems would leave a comment below, (or better still…the KV331 forum) so that I can get back to the KV331 team. I have not read these problems by any other SM user on its forum page, but I really don’t think I am the only one, they either don’t use midi to control various parameters or have not used them YET?
I have reported this reoccurring bug to the KV331 team many…many times but I keep getting the same answers as if they think I don’t know what I am doing! One thing for sure, I don’t have these problems with any other synth apps.
Another unresolved issue with SM is the inability to organise Bank/Presets successfully, the presets change location in their banks every time a new preset pack is purchased. Again……if anyone else suffers from these inflictions please let me know.
Sorry for taking up Cubasis space for third party app issues, but it could be Cubasis3 related (somehow I don’t think so):wink:.
This forum is very informative and has lots of helpful friendly members (no, I am not creeping here) :beers:

Have also come across SynthMaster 1 presets not being recalled properly. Now I have to manually (audioly?) check each project that uses KV331 apps within Cubasis to confirm the correct sounds. Not good. iPad Air 5, iOS 16.4.1 (and same with 16.4 and before).

Hi cubaser,
You have made my day, I knew I would get a concerned response, thanks for replying :beers:
I have had to manually check all my projects that use both SM1&2, too🤯 the problem is that any free Factory Preset downloads will automatically slot them selves alphabetically into existing Banks, making existing presets move to a different position, hence the original prog numbers no longer relevant.

In SM2, adding new preset packs would corrupt all my other banks (see photo below) and I have to delete them from Browse/Settings/Manage Banks and Presets, then reinstall them one bank at a time. It appears to me that KV331 are more concerned about their new Synthmaster 3……they need to get 1&2 fixed before I go anywhere near SM3.

It seems that SynthMaster 1 is more prone to this problem than SynthMaster2. I think/hope. But one of the last SM2 updates completely screwed up the preset locations, and after bringing it to KV331’s attention, they released an update solely to fix it. I also use 1 @ 2 heavily, (mostly 2), the sounds are wonderous. We’re all Beta testers evidently.

I believe you are right !


Midi learn parameters are saved to the general settings file inside the app. To resolve the midi learn parameter issue we have added a feature to save and then import your own files. Please after you assign the parameters save these to a different file on your device, ie on iCloud. You can then import them easily whenever you need.

I will check the issue with the midi banks.

Thanks for commenting here, Bulent @leventbiyikoglu - greatly appreciated!!


Hi Levent,
Thank you for responding (here) to my issues with Synthmaster.
As you can see in this forum, I am not the only one who has problems with both SMs and I have not long posted this thread, there is still time for more comments.

Regarding your suggestions of storing the mapping file for easier access, I have been following this same procedure since you first implemented it last year, but what I don’t want to do is to keep having to check past (and present) Cubasis projects that uses SM1&2 just to make sure the midi mappings are still fully implemented as I originally intended. Sometimes I forget to check. As far as I am concerned- once I have completed a project, it will be ready for me to just select it in Media Bay/Projects and play at a later date without hiccups :melting_face:
There has been occasions when I have played songs that I were completed months ago to my friends, without giving SM midi mappings a second thought…….until :scream:something didn’t sound quite right, that’s when I realise …here we go again, I would usually give the SM excuses for the set backs!:man_shrugging:

To be honest, I don’t feel I should have to constantly check my projects that use SM with the possibility of having to import mappings files when necessary, considering no other synth app in my collection has this problem.

Is there a way this file can automatically load itself when Synthmaster launches.

You also mentioned the fact that other synth apps have different midi mappings, all my synth apps used in Cubasis3 are set to use the same midi learn parameters, my keyboard controller also is programmed to transmit these same parameters.
I have previously mentioned in my bug reports (rants) on the KV331 forum that I will try and steer away from using SM because of my repeated reported problems, but again- to be honest, I haven’t come across other synth apps that can deliver on sound and immense awesome programmability Synthmaster One and 2.
I really hope that this problem can be sorted, and as for the midi banks/presets organisation……I (and other users) will look forward to you issuing a fix for this.
Levent……I am holding my breath for great results :beers: