Synthogy Ivory in C7

I’ve used Synthogy Ivory Pianos (version 1.7) in the Windows version of Cubase for quite a while, but now I’m moving all of these projects to a Mac. When I try to open the plug-in in C7 (OSX 10.8), I get a small thumbnail version. The thumbnail will expand to the normal plug-in display. However, nothing works when I click on it. Ivory works OK as a stand-alone on the Mac and also as a plug-in in Ableton Live, so the problem seems to be unique to Cubase.

I have seen a similar problem before in Cubase when I used MOTU Ethno which got resolved but I don’t remember what the resolution was.

Any ideas?

I use Synthogy (v.2) extensively with Cubase (Italian Grand and American Concert D are my favorite virtual pianos) with zero problems.

Aloha d,

Ivory works fine for me here


Sounds to me like some ‘bridging issues’.

I say this because this is exactly what happens to me when I open my older 32 bit SampleTank stuff.
(however in my case ST still works)

Did you check this with the Ivory folks?
I find them to be pretty ‘up-to-speed’ on this stuff.

Good Luck and welcome to the Mac.

Sounds like you are using the older 32 bit version of Ivory on 64 bit C7.

and if this is the case and since you are new to macs, you may not know how to
set Cubase to operate in 64 bit mode.

Here is how:

1-Open your ‘Applications Folder’.
2-Find the Cubase icon and select it (click once on it)
3-With the Cubase icon selected, hit ‘command i’ on the keyboard.
(this will open up the ‘get info window’)
4-In the centre near the bottom there will be a checkbox
for either 32 or 64 bit mode operation.
5-Make your choice, close ‘get info’ window, double click on the Cubase icon
and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.


Opening Cubase in 32-bit resolved the problem. Thanks for your help.

If you want to keep using the 64-bit version with your 32-bit VSTi, consider buying jBridge. It works much better than Cubase’s VSTbridge and it’s very cheap.