SynthPop Song "Cruel Corazón" Artist: IRINUM (Perú)

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Artist: Feat MidiMan
Song: “Cruel Corazón”
Recorded, mixed & Mastered By Saninn “Ziel” Salas at Bowie Records

Quite liked this. Some really good stereo imaging. Lots of energy. The only thing that let it down for me though was the male vocals. Too quiet in the mix (okay as a harmony) and needed to be as strong as the female vocals. Perhaps in the wrong key for the male vocalist.
Overall, enjoyed it though (and I can’t sing one note in tune, so what do I know)

I kind of agree to be honest.

The funny thing is that the song is originally from the man (“Midiman” from Ecuador) and if you listen, the voice track is the same. It had some background noises.

I worked with “Lucis” (she is the singer) and we get along quite nice and have a good vibe together in (and out) the studio, and - I think - I was able to get a very good performance from her, this in Perú.

Sadly there was no opportunity to work in the same way with “midiman” because there was no budget to go to another country.

Thanks for listen and for the input!!!