Synths QUestion

Hi everyone. I am new to synths. I usually just use the presets, but I decided I wanted to start learning more about creating my own sounds.

I was watching a video on youtube where the guy was using Logic and ES2 and got a really cool sound. I was wondering if any of the synths in Nuendo could do the same thing. I put the youtube link below.




every tone generator sounds little bit different. The ES2 is Virtual Analog Synth. Try to check Steinberg Retrologue, for example. :wink:

2nd post with the same content @ Tazman.

are you looking just for some Trance pluck sounds or what do you seek exactly?



2nd post?

I am trying to figure out if Nuendo has a synth similar to Logic’s ES2. I’m still a noob when it comes to synths.

Hi Tazman,

yes I was referring about the post in the VST forum, but no problem.

The Retrologue would be a good choice, but you will have to purchase the Nuendo NEK 5.5 in order to use it.

If you are looking for good trance/ dance sounds the HALion Sonic SE would be also a good choice, especially if you would purchase some Content Sets (Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk).



Hi Marcus - it is strange because I had deleted the post in this forum when I created the one in the VST instruments area, but somehow it did not delete and I didn’t notice it. Sorry.

I do have the NEK. I have the opportunity to write some dance/pop songs (my background is blues and rock, so this is new as far as synths). I have a few synths, like Mystic, Prologue, etc, but they feel rather clumsy and the presets are really bad. I know I will have to spend some time tweaking the sounds but I would like to start from a decent sound and tweak rather than from scratch.

For synth styles I am talking about songs by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Red One, etc. I know they have a huge arsenal, but I’d like to have something to start with.


Hi Rob,

maybe you can pm me and send me some links for examples and I can assist you a bit finding the
sounds you desire.