SynthScaper LE interesting Scaling in Cubasis

I just notice that when using SynthScaper LE in Cubasis, you can see the loop locators and the numbers.would be nice if all Au in Cubasis have this view.
iPad Pro 10.5
Latest iOS version

Hi John1289

Can’t confirm with Microsonic,Micrologue and numerous AU instruments (iSEM, Sunrizer, Zeeon, Spacecraft etc…)
on iPAD Pro 10.5 + 11, iOS 12.1.1,Cubasis 2.7 This looks like a SynthScaper Issue.

We contact the manufacturer

best Jan

Hello there are you?yeah it’s only with That synth.if you open it and then tap on fullscreen,when you go back to normal mode and open the keyboard,it gives you that view

Hi John,

  • assign AU Instrument to midi track
  • open at first AU Instrument in full screen view
  • open Keys in the lower range
    Result : with all AU’s cubasis will shown now the locaters and the bar numbers, if you follow this step order.

best jan

Hello there .im not saying it is a problem​:joy::joy::joy: it’s actually really nice.being able to see the Bars while instrument and keyboard are open is nice

Hey Jan… i have a similar problem - can u help me?