Synthstrom Deluge & Cubase 11 - External MIDI Late!

I just hooked up my Synthstrom Deluge to Cubase. I’m triggering Kontakt with it. I set up the project synchronisation so that the Deluge starts when Cubase starts playing.

I should add that my audio routing is Cubase → Tascam Model 12 → Monitors, and all sound is following that signal path, both pre-recorded and new Kontakt notes.

The notes triggered by the Deluge are about 1/8 note behind the Cubase track.

I have tried damned near everything in Preferences → MIDI to adjust latency. No effect, as far as I can tell.

I desperately need help getting this going ASAP. I kind of have a project segment due Sunday that I was waiting to use this piece of gear for.

Thanks in advance!