sysex and cc support

hi, does the app also work with sysex and midi cc comands or files?
if not can you do this on a new version?

Hi there,

Unfortunately not in this version.

Here is the MIDI stuff that Cubasis can read:

  • Note on/off with velocity
  • Pitch bend
  • CC64 Sustain (only MIDI IN, it’s translated directly into note lengths when recorded)
  • CC07 Volume
  • CC10 Pan

ok thanks, is that planned for the future?

thanks for your fast response , also in the other threats i wrote to.

As I understood, cubasis doesn’t support receiving all midi cc messages, but is it possible to send?
I would like to control external hardware using bank and program change messages from cubasis in my iPad.
In case it is not supported, is it in the plans for future versions?


Cubasis cannot send bank and program change messages at the moment. It is an item on our long wish list, but I would not expect this feature in the next updates.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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Thanks for your quick and honest answer.

Now I’m gonna stretch a bit, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. :wink:
If I import a MIDI file in cubasis already with program change messages, will it be able to send them?

Recording Piano with Pedal and Midi editing

If pedal events are calculated against note length, this would explain the issue I’ve experienced in Cubasis:
You are not really able to edit the notes anymore, as it will set all played notes to a the length the pedal was hold.

Is this a technical / concept limitation in Cubasis or would a later release record pedal midi events like expected, best with possibility to edit this events…

Maybe more a question for Carlos. Thanks for info in advance!


no, Cubasis only sends note on/off and pitch bend MIDI events. When a .mid file is imported, it ignores all program change events but the first one in each track. The first one is used to select an instrument for the track that matches the GM program as good as possible.

If you have any further questions, let me know.

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