Sysex Bank Select messages

Hey all,

Anyone know of an easy way to get Cubase to send the correct bank select message to my old Oberheim Matrix 6r? It needs to be Control 0 with no MSB and I think it is sending control 32 LSB or something…anyway…anyone know how I can do this?




Do you really need SysEx data? I would expect common MIDI Controllers are OK. As you said, MIDI CC0 (Bank Select MSB) and MIDI CC32 (Bank Select LSB).

Open the Key Editor. If there is no Controller lane in the lower zone, open it by using + button down. Then click to the Velocity field, and select CC0. Now, you can draw (with the Pencil tool) the value. Do the same with CC32.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. It’s not something I really want to have to draw in. I’m trying to use the MIDI bank and patch select arrows in the left-hand MIDI instrument section to cycle through all of the patches on my Oberheim. It has 10 banks of 100 sounds and I just want to be able to cycle through them to audition. It works fine with all my other external MIDI devices. It sends CC32 and they recognise it. The Obie is old :slight_smile:. Just wondered if there was a way of changing that message per track or even at all