SysEx Data Message

Gday all.

As the title suggests, When I drop in a Superior Drummer 3 track into a project, it drops a “SysEx Data” track in as well. I can’t see ant info in the track and was wondering why this is the case?


Short answer: there shouldnt be any info in the project window and that track can be safely deleted.

Technically, back a looooooooong time ago, SysEx was used as a communication protocol for bulk dumping of Sound and Bank Data between computers and synths. Mainly for patch editing using third party Editor Librarians. It is also that each SysEx Message is coded differently among manufacturers; so unless there is a systh which uses that message, if not it may not be read correctly.

hope it helps… cheers!!!

Thanks keyzs!

That explains things, The “can be safely deleted” bit is what I wanted to hear, so cheers mate!