SysEx Message for MIDI-Device, Switch behaves like a button

Hi i tried to create my own MIDI-Device Map (for the stops of a digital organ)
with a lot of Switches for SysEx Messages like

F0 31 42 02 00 F7 an F0 31 02 02 00 F7 for on and off

i created some new Parameters (Stop 1 - 16) and a Switch with 2 and 66 (Hex 02 and Hex 42)
and than i have to “create SysEx” for each parameter again and again (which is much stupid work)

this should go much easier
so i tried to create a new SysEx with 4 variable Values (A1, A2, A3 and Value)

which should work - but than my swiches behave like buttons
if i klick on one SysEx for “Stop on” is send and the Stop on the organ is “on” as long as i hold the mousebutton but when i release teh SysEx for “Stop off” is send - and the organstop is off
which is “wrong”

does anybody know what i did wrong / where i did some mistake?

maybe i didnt see the easy solution
but i would be very grateful for every help or suggestion

thanks a lot oliver

janne röper from the german support wrote a xml Device file for me some years ago (for another organ, from this map i copied the 4 value SysEx, but with cubase 12 i cant assign a MIDI-Out to this map Register 103 janne 13.xml (195.1 KB)

p.s. please excuse my awful english - im not used to write since school which is long ago


Sorry, I cannot verify this now… Can you set the buttons up to behave as triggers, not switchers?

Just a pointer: in the value column, you likely need to add the value named “x” right below the value named “Value.” Cubase uses “x” to communicate sysex strings.

Hi Martin i’m not sure what you mean “behave as triggers”
I have can choose one of three switches,
switch on/off, switch (momentary) and switch (one shot)
if i create a momentary switch, it behaves as expected, Stop in ON as long as i klick and hold

Hi Aivaras,
i don’t know what you mean
x is the one bit value to turn the Stop on or off h02 and h42 is the 7th bit (dec 64)

In the lower pane, to the left of the buttons “Add Value” and “Remove Value,” there’s a column called “Values.” It lists 4 values named: “A1,” “A2,” “A3,” and “Value.” My guess is you may need to add a value named “x” at the very end of the list for Cubase to communicate the sysex messages you’ve entered so far.

I guess the “x” you mean is in the bottom left corner of the picture
it is in the FORMULA column next to the Value “Value”
the x is the input for the calculation of the SysEx Message and comes from the Switch (min/max)

Yes, indeed! Didn’t look closely enough, sorry.

Are you sure you’re using the “on/off” variant of switches as opposed to “momentary”?