Sysex to midi CC for Mapping Editor

hi Cubbies! im in dire need for some midi help :slight_smile:

Does anybody know how to remap sysex from Roland GAIA to midi CC for the new remote editor?

i got a Roland GAIA yesterday, i want to use it as midi controller because of the great lay-out and size…
Reminds me of JP8000 a lot.
But: the ADSR sliders do not send out CC data, only (for me) obscure sysex. I did not expect this, since my JP8000 sends out midi on all knobs and sliders and its super old compared to the GAIA.
Something to do with the 3 tone layers on hte GAIA i guess…

I tried this tool that Martin mentioned: Realtime translator / mapping for SysEx messages - #2 by Martin.Jirsak but its pretty complicated for me, i cant get it to work yet.

Before diving more into Bome Midi Translator Pro and spend time and money, i would like to ask if anybody has some kind of script or tool to help me.

Big thanks!!!


Could you remap the sliders to send MIDI CCs by any chance?

Ive bought Bome in the end, now it works…

a little trial and error :confused:

Midi Capture in Bome is amazing :slight_smile: great tip this app man thanks

In Bome Midi Translator Pro i turn on the Midi Capture and move the first slider in the AMP section, so the Attack slider.

Bome reads this: F0 41 10 00 00 41 12 10 00 02 17 00 58 F7 (it goes up from 3B 1B all the way to 7F 59)

I chanced this to: F0 41 10 00 00 41 12 10 00 01 17 pp xx F7

as i understand 58 (byte 13) is not important, and some kind of checksum?

02 (byte 10) is a code for the layer i think, the GAIA has 3…so you need to select Tone 1 on the device and then set 01 in the 10th byte.

it works, now…i will share and post when the whole thing is ready

In Cubase is turned off all sysex

Ive also used chatgpt to help with sysex to nrpn and ive found a big MIDI implementation chart that also helped a lot
Midipipe didnt work, somehow it didnt recieve the sysex…
Chatgpt 4 helped me write a monitor script with python and mido, but this was super buggy
In the end (also a tip from chatgpt) i installed Midi Monitor snoize: MIDI Monitor
With this i could figure out what controls i needed for Bome…

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can i ask you what you ment by 'Or I can write a small utility for you" in the other thread?

like a python script?


I meant a stand-alone application.

thanks man, it works now

amazing you can do this

lets see how stable it is :slight_smile: