I bought the app a couple of weeks ago to use on a large pipe organ with midi.

The Cubasis app does not seem to record any of the correct sysex data so when playing back the file it had all the pedal sounds playing on the keyboards. When importing the midi file it doesn’t show the sysex data(I am using Reaper until I know this can work before buying Cubase).

This large instrument has 2 expressive divisions and I can’t see where I can access the volume control on Cubasis. Is it possible to control the volumes?

Lastly, when I record files into Cubasis I need to be able to have flexibility with the tempo in order to create a click track for the live performers. Is this something that will be coming in future builds?

It’s a great app and fantastic to record with in such a small and cramped space such as most concert or church organ console areas.

Didn’t hear from any developer or support so I bought a 11" MacBook Air and Logic Pro. This way I can record in the confined space of the organ console and do edits on the spot along with doing major edits on the iMacs in my studio and at home. Cubasis has a lot of potential.

Hi Bronyx,

Cubasis doesn’t support Sysex at the moment, but it is on our feature request list. The next Cubasis update will include automation and MIDI cc’s suppport.