System 12.0.70 stable at its best! Test, Learn and discover

The latest Cubase 12.0.70 on my PC is running good. With plugins that I have kept and others needed to uninstall. Instruments as well. For now I kind off found the sweet spot for my personal build.
I can spend hours everyday with zero issues and I really mean it! :slight_smile:

After trying different scenarios and tweaks over the year.
Purchasing plug ins. Trying them out to keep a few and put the rest a side.

System build. What was good for me and not so good.
-From an AMD 5950x cpu to a Intel 13900KF and then settle with AMD 5900x.
-From an AMD B550 strix wifi to MSI x570s mpg wifi then to a MSI x570s unify (no wifi)
-From a Z790 prime to a giga master z790
-From a Audient iD14 mkII, to a Steinberg UR44C then a RME babyface pro fs.

I don’t know why but the 5900x runs better than the 5950x.
The MSI x570s unify with no wifi and 90amps power stage (even if I disabled wifi on the others) seems to be very stable.

The Steinberg UR44C and the RME Babyface pro fs both run well with no issues. I settled for the RME.
I will not comment on my Intel build. Maybe I wasn’t to familiar with the e-cores. So I didn’t have much success and patience also to make it run smoothly like the older gen AMD.

As for plugins, I find some manufacturers and only a few, seem to depend on higher ressources then others.
Just sharing my experience. Thanks for taking the time to read read my topic.

:slight_smile: Oli


How was the 13900KF compared to the two AMD CPUs? I know that might be difficult, since the motherboard would have needed to be the same for accurate testing.
To share my experiences with hardware:

I basically always had Intel CPUs and never had an issue. I also always used Asrock mobos and those as well never caused any problems. Never had any issues with all of my interfaces so far:
Audient ID4, Scarlett 2i2 Gen 3, Motu 16A, Antelope Audio Zen Studio, Motu 828es.

As always (to everyone out there): only install and download programs, which have to do with your audio work. Having a machine which is an allrounder (video editing, gaming, etc.) is a bad idea when it comes to audio work. When I had any issues, I checked my system with latencyMon and was always able to find the problem.

Oh and I disabled any power saving features in the OS/BIOS, which helped a ton as well.