system audio setting

One issue I’ve had with all three notation apps as a roving composer (i.e., one who goes back and forth from work to home to elsewhere with a laptop) is the irritating step of having to select the right audio output for my location. I have USB monitors in my home studio, a sound bar at work, and headphones on the road. My Mac is great at just finding and switching to the output I have connected at the time, but Dorico needs to be told what to do. While I see the benefit of this in some situations, I wish Dorico had the option to use the “system audio setting” automatically. I don’t know how this would work on the Windows side, but Core Audio should be able to tell Dorico the game plan.

Welcome to the forum, erichuff. If you create an aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup that includes all three of these devices, and then set Dorico to use that aggregate device, you should find that this works as you expect. (This is how I work with my new MBP, which has two audio devices instead of one as it used to be on the older hardware, so it automatically chooses the headphones when those are plugged in, and uses the internal speakers when they’re not.)