System break and cursor jumping

In Dorico Write mode, if I add many bars of staff and add ‘SYSTEM BREAK’ (in Engrave mode) to lock the layout in the way I want (e.g when copying from an existing score), then I start to enter the notes, and when I enter a note that crosses the SYSTEM BREAK, the cursor will jump to the first bar.

I can’t reproduce this issue consistently in a new score with only a few pages, but in a score that I have entered many pages of music, it occurs quite consistently. Especially if the next line with SYSTEM BREAK is outside the current window, and the cursor will jump to the beginning of the score. So my workaround now is to zoom out the score until the line with the cursor and the next line with the SYSTEM BREAK (at the beginning of next line) are both in view in the Dorico window, then the cursor won’t jump to first bar if I enter notes past the SYSTEM BREAK.

I hope this issue will be addressed in future update!


I guess you are probably working in galley view when in Write mode? Under some circumstances Dorico can get its knickers in a twist about what should be in view when switching between these two modes. This is definitely on our list of things to address.

Oh, I see.
I’m using the display view of “Single Pages Vertically”, if I change to “Spreads Horizontally” view, the ‘cursor jumping’ issue occurs less as the next line of staff is within view more often than not.

Yes, there is a specific problem with working towards the end of the layout when ‘Single Pages Vertically’ is chosen that causes the view to jump back to the start of the layout. We hope to fix this soon.