System break and rework the layout previous to such break

I am now used to working with space size and note spacing in order to achieve the best layout possible, but for those cases when you do need a system break is there a command “to recalculate the flow”, by which I mean recalculate the measures per system ratio?
For example, I had to add a system break at the end of a page and now in that page I have 3 systems of 5 + 5+ 2 bars. Since the “density” of such bars is the same I add to manually add system breaks to distribute the bars of that page in an evenly manner.
I wonder if there is a way to ask Dorico to rethink what happens before the manual added system break.

Insert a note spacing change by selecting the first note at the top of the page and using the “engrave” menu at the top. Then you can set a new spacing ratio or reset to default if you had a different spacing change earlier in the piece.

Alternatively, you could change the default note spacing for the entire flow within the layout options which might have a better overall effect.

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For the sake of three systems I think I’d just add a couple of System Breaks. For longer passages, though, Note Spacing Changes can be tremendously useful. They’re on the Engrave menu and work as an override to the values in Layout Options > Note Spacing.

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