System Break in Dorico Free (iPad)

Dorico Free for iPad is a wonderful App. But, how can I insert a system break in Dorico Free (iPad). This function is also included in Dorico SE MacOS.

Yes, I’m afraid without Engrave mode you cannot insert a system or frame break in Dorico for iPad, so you do need a subscription.

can you integrate this function into the context menu, like in Dorico SE? Please! I also use Dorico Pro (macOS) and can do this there later too. But without the system brake, the display of notes is very confusing and not fun, even for a free App.

Perhaps in the meantime you could experiment with using a different note spacing value in Layout Options, or perhaps use fixed casting-off (also possible to set in Layout Options)?

I understand that you want to promote the subscription model, but without a bar division per line, Dorico Free is nothing more than a notepad.

That’s called a business plan :slight_smile:

FWIW IMO Dorico gives so much in the free and lower tier versions, and in the subscription model which is practically Pro, it’s ridiculous.