System break in the end of bar / fermatas


This is a system break after the third beat of the bar. Previous bar has a bar rest in tenor and bass with a fermata on it. Soprano and alto have a quarter with a fermata on the third beat.

Probably I would like to have the fermata displayed in bass and tenor on the third beat, to be able to get a quarter rest after the system break.

I guess I can do this manually, but the question is - can Dorico be instructed to display fermatas in this more exact way? Engraving options Holds and Pauses did not show any such option as far as I could see.


I agree that it would be good if Dorico did this automatically.
(For now you’ll need to input the quarter rests on the fourth beat manually with fore duration. – But I guess you already know that.)

On the other hand, this idea of mine to break a system like that might be a bit questionable…!