System break inside bar - repeat sign but no barline at the end?

Hi, I would like to notate the following situation in a song:
I want split a bar (3/4) to have two beats at the end of one system and the last beat on the new system. No problem, when I enter a system break at the correct position.
But I also want a repeat sign at the start of the new system. When I enter the repeat sign, Dorico adds a barline at the end of the preceeding system, which I don’t want. I how can I achieve no barline at the end and a repeat line at the beginning of the new system?

I would add a tiny partial beat to the beginning of the measure before the repeat, then “remove” it using note spacing.

Thank you! I will try that. Unfortunately, the playback will be wrong than.
A repeat sign is not always a barline. Therefore, I would appreciate, if Dorico would be a bit more flexible here!

Excuse me for being dense, but I don’t understand what’s the problem about having that barline, when you add your repeat… It’s a common thing to have “unfilled” bars when there’s a repeat that fills the gap, no? Like a pickup bar, but at the end of a portion or music…

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Is this different from this thread from 5 days ago?

You are right. I missed that. I searched for “split bar” and “repeat sign”, before I posted. Yes, my case is the same question as the other thread.