System Break Signpost?

I read a response from Daniel which seemed to answer the question I had, which was how do I change the size of the music on the page. Daniel said to click on the “system break signpost” while in Engrave mode.

I’m in Engrave mode, looking at the page of music on my screen and I see no “system break signpost” to click on.

What am I doing wrong?

You have to introduce a system break to see it. You should click on the last bar of the first system and then press cmd-alt-s (first icon in Format Systems).

Thanks - I thought there were already system breaks automatically placed by Dorico. Doing as you say I can see the signpost now. Thanks!

When I create a system break using the keys on Mac: “Command+Alt+S” it doesn’t work the first time. Every time I have to do the same keystrokes twice to create the system break. However using the Format systems icon works the first time. Is this a bug?

I’ve noticed this as well and was wondering if it were a bug. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were fixed in the next version.

Funny, David26. I just tried on my mac, and it works each time on the first attempt… Maybe there is something wrong here !

I’m on a MacBook Pro mid 2015, 10.12.1.

I have to do the keystrokes twice on the laptop keyboard and also twice if I’m using a USB Mac full keyboard. I wonder how widespread this is for people?

I’m on a MacBook pro late 2013 using the laptop keyboard, still under 10.11.6
Try the laptop keyboard, it might be because of Sierra otherwise ?

I have this problem on both computers. Interestingly, when I press the key command for the first time, I can see the File menu item ‘light up’ so Dorico does seem to be recognising the action, it just doesn’t act on it. When I press the key command for the second time, the File menu doesn’t light up, but the system break is implemented. Weird!

If your document has unsaved changes, then Ctrl+Alt+S first saves the document, then it does the system break shortcut. This is a “feature” of the framework we’re using to help build Dorico. The menus and shortcuts for frame and system breaks have been reorganised a little for 1.0.10, so the new default shortcuts will be Shift+S (for system break) and Shift+F (for frame break) as of 1.0.10.