System Break Symbol

How can I insert a System Break Symbol?

In Engrave mode, you can right click an select Create System Break (cmd+option+s on mac)

Yeah, but doesn’t create the typical 2 diagonal lines System Break Symbol.

Dorico doesn’t yet support system dividers, but we hope we will have them implemented very soon.

OK, thanks Daniel

Heads-up on System Breaks: Daniel and I have talked about a bug where opt-cmd-s initiates a file save; this means you need to use the key command twice before it will apply. I changed this command to shift-cmd-B, which solved the problem for now.

Here’s our thread:

Thanks, Tony. I’m gonna do it.

Would that be CTRL-SHIFT-B on a Windows machine?
Does it take place in the next version?

Derrek, yes, I think Control and Command are the variable between OSes.