system break / timecode bug?

Good morning,

Is this a bug? Changing the tempo doesn’t change the timecode at the system-break. It stays in this example on 19 sec. See picture.


Yes, it may be that Dorico doesn’t redraw the last system at the point at which you create the system break. I would expect that as soon as you add or edit any music on that system (or indeed if you close and reopen the project) the timecode will be correct.

Yes, you’re right! I should have tried that first.

It is a little bug, though. I’ve made a note of it and we’ll see if we can fix it in due course. This is the kind of bug that occurs because Dorico is trying to minimise the amount of processing it’s doing, to keep the speed of editing operations up. Normally you would make another edit in that range before too long and that would cause the timecode to be updated anyway. And it should always be correct when printed or exported to PDF because the whole layout is always recalculated in that situation.