System break weirdness

Anyone explain why this is happening? I want 4-bar repeat signs in these bar rests, but they were doing weirdness with the bar sizes too…

If I take the system breaks out, I get:

There are no note spacing adjustments in this part (although there are some in the drum part if that makes any difference - I’m assuiming it shouldn’t…)

Here’s the file if you want to take a look…
Fix You.dorico (2.4 MB)

Any thoughts as to what this is and how to fix it would be most welcome…

Cheers, as always,


Rests have been removed in these bars, leaving Dorico nothing to use to calculate spacing. It’s not necessary to remove bar rests in order to hide them when you want to show bar repeats instead: Dorico hides bar rests in bar repeat regions for you.

Select the last note/chord on this staff before the spacing oddities (ie in b48) and deactivate “Ends voice” in the Properties panel. Repeat for the last bar rest that reappears in each section until all the rests are back.

You may find this easier to follow if you temporarily disable multi-bar rest consolidation for this layout, or switch to another layout containing this part without multi-bar rests (eg the score?).

Hi Lillie,

Thanks for that, that was indeed the reason. However, I still noticed a little oddity. Originally, I had the section written out long hand with the first minim rest in the upstem voice hidden. Obviously this set the ‘ends voice’ property of the last note in that voice before the hidden rest. However, when looking at the part, I decided it would be better to use the %4 symbol as the part looked very cluttered. So, I deleted all the notes in the repeated bars to enter the %4 symbol. I understand how the first of the 4 bar sections I’d deleted would have hidden rests as it would be the last of the notes that still existed that still had the ‘ends voice’ property. However, when removing this property to restore the rests in the empty bars, I noticed that I had to do this for all the 4 bar sections (ie each deselection of the ‘ends voice’ only revealed 4 bars of rests…). So, basically, the ‘ends voice’ property had been trasnferred from the last note in the voice to the rest. Surely, upon deleting all the notes in the section should remove the properties of the notes as well?

Just in case there’s an issue that needs fixing…

Thanks as alway for the help though,