System breaks in middle of bars when changing meter - what to do?

I’d consider this more a topic for discussion as regards desired behavior and what automated options might be the most desirable rather than saying anything is wrong.

After I had completed parts layouts on a piece, my composer client asked me to rebar a 2/4 section to 4/4. When I did so, Dorico faithfully retained the system breaks in all of my parts layouts - in the middle of the (now) bars of 4/4:

new layout w system breaks in bar centers.png
This immediately made me smile, because it is so easy to put a system break in the center of a bar in Dorico by simply selecting an event in the bar and typing Shift U in Engrave Mode. I love this feature when it is my intention, BTW! But for this particular case, it was unexpected, and of course, undesirable.

I doubt there is a viable automated alternative to move the locations of these system breaks, since changing the locations of the breaks to the new barlines wouldn’t produce good results a lot of the time. Hence this post, and a question:

While I know I can select all of the music on a page and lock the format using Engrave > Format Systems > Lock Systems, I’m not aware of a way to clear a number of System Breaks on a per page or region basis - is there a way to do this? If so, that would help me tackle this particular type of situation with less labor.

I now realize that it is not an ideal situation to have to rebar music after parts layouts have been completed - at least not layouts in which I have added my own manual fine tuning to…

Wondering if others have run across this situation and if you have, what do you recommend? Thanks.

You can use Edit > Filter > System Breaks (or indeed Frame Breaks, or All Breaks) to select a bunch of breaks in order to delete them.

Thank you, Daniel. I can see I need to become more familiar with Dorico’s Filtering.