System breaks...

I have found that I can only add a system break successfully in Engrave mode. Now, the right-click menu item is there in write mode, it just doesn’t do anything. Is this intentional? If it is, I think it’s misleading, and I would suggest:

-either remove the right-click item that doesn’t yield any result
-or make the right-click item actually do something

Sorry if this has been covered. I couldn’t find anything about it though.

Yes, these options should exist only in Engrave mode. We will sort this out in due course.

Ok, thank you Daniel, fair enough. Although that leaves me slightly worried with regards to a particular use case I have in mind (and am facing at the moment), but then again maybe that’s just me thinking in the paradigms of “some other program”. Maybe you can help, if this is not too much to ask.

Let’s say I need a sheet that summarizes compositional material, like all the subsets (in prime form and inversion) of a given pitch class set. I would like to write them down in “chapters” of trichords, tetrachords, and hexachords, where each prime form is notated with its corresponding inversion (like, say, 0,1,3 - 0,2,3), and each couple should get its own little system, so as to sort them almost like in a table. That’s an awful lot of material, and an awful lot of system breaks. If system breaks happen in Engrave mode, that would mean I’d have to type in all the music first, put in barlines where system breaks are supposed to go, switch to Engrave, and mouse to every barline to right-click it and tell Dorico to insert a system break. Is that correct, or is there an easier way (probably there is)?

How about you put each little example in as its own flow, and switch off the option that makes each new flow start on a new page in Layout Options, and then make the music frame in Engrave mode narrow enough that you could even potentially get a second frame in, like a second column, on the same page? You might not need to even use a system break at all in that configuration.

That’s great! See, that’s what I mean with thinking in other software’s paradigms as opposed to Dorico thinking. I’m still thinking of the analogy Flow-Score, or Flow-Piece, when in fact Flow can be anything. Takes some getting used to, but it’s definitely worth it!

Is there any way to lock two flows together (sort of like locking two paragraphs in a word processing program) to keep the two flows together on the same page without dividing the page into separate frames for each flow? Being able to space flows/systems by different amounts on a page might be another way to achieve this.

No, you can’t lock two flows together, I’m afraid. But you can either put one flow per-frame, or indeed from the 1.0.10 update you’ll be able to change the staff and system spacing manually if you need to.