System disk encryption and performance

I have cubase 11 on windows 10.
I wonder how a system disk encryption would affect Cubase using a tool like Veracrypt.
Is this a good idea in terms of system performance for a production environment?

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hi BH

disk encryption will definitely have an impact - it’s impossible to say exactly how much, unless you do some measurements before and after.

Most cubase installations are not particularly disk limited for basic recording and playback. Obviously VSTi loading times will be impacted though.

I think the issue will be the CPU overhead in the encrypt/decrypt - plus the realtime nature of that kind of process. I suspect it could cause major problems.

Unless there is a really good reason I would totally avoid doing it - or have a specific, separate unencrypted drive for cubase at the very least.

EDIT - there are some hardware encryption solutions but I’m guessing you don’t mean them…

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Thank you Dr.Strangelove