System dividers don't stay centered

When I’m using system dividers and I adjust the staff spacing manually, the dividers don’t stay centered between the systems. And there’s no way to move them in Engrave mode. Not sure if this is intentional.

It’s certainly true that the system dividers cannot be manually adjusted. Is there any way you can avoid adding such a large vertical spacing adjustment in this situation?

Thinking laterally, (bad pun) if you have large gaps between systems, do you really need system separators as well?

This is the last page of the layout. The previous pages are rather tight, and so required dividers.

Have you tried changing the height of the music frame rather than moving the systems using staff spacing?

Just tried it, and you’re right that it works in this case. Thanks!

It would still be nice to have some control over dividers. Rarely needed, but sometimes so.

Replying to this rather-ancient post to ask for the same thing as Dan. Please let us manually move staff dividers. It’s only necessary occasionally, when spacing gets really tight, but there’s no substitute for it in those cases. (Of course when there’s plenty of room, Dorico’s centering is beautiful — but they are most essential when you’re trying to squeeze a page together!) Yes, I know I can manually add them as text frames and move them around, but that’s not sustainable over a long piece.

The original problem reported by Dan in this thread has been fixed, I’m fairly sure (I have a vague recollection of fixing it), but of course you cannot manually move system dividers at the moment. It’s non-trivial because there is nowhere at present for that data to be stored, but of course it could at some point be done.