System dividers horizontal offset

According to Gould: “Place the dividers midway between system, with the strokes protruding halfway into the margin”.
So I think that the divider horizontal offset should be relative to the systemic barline and not to the lest margin, because staff labels can have different length and the system divider position becomes inconsistent.
The system divider should also be placed “midway between the systems”.
Thank You

System dividers are always vertically placed midway between the systems. If you want the system dividers to protrude into the margins, you can achieve this by setting Inset from left to -2 spaces on the System Dividers page of Engraving Options.

Sorry. I wasn’t clear about that.
Please find here attached a sample.
I’ve placed the system divider the way I want. But at page 4 it’s in a different position because the staff labels are longer.
I would like to have it placed always in the same place relative to the first system barline.

Thank you.
Rabaglia sample3.dorico (1.7 MB)

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Right, thanks for the clarification. I understand!