system drag with 7.5

Fairly soon after updating to 7.5 I noticed that my computer now will often seize up for about 30-45 sec? anyone else experience this? Know how to fix it? this is happening regardless of the size of the project, number of plugins etc.

Yeah i noticed this from updating to 7.5.30, not a complete lockup, a project will still play but controls become unresponsive for a few seconds at a time, i’m also having problems with the instrument rack but i’ll search that one first to see if others are having it too .

I wonder if it’s backing up, because it also seems to take an awfully long time to save.

Be nice if someone from Steinberg would chime in here. My system worked fine prior to 7.5.

I think you might be right at least in my case looking at how it was behaving… strangely THIS part of the problem i was having yesterday seems to have sorted itself… :astonished:

It’s definitely happening when backing up; I turned auto save to every 15 minutes, and that seems to be about how often this happens.

And it does take longer to save projects. This strikes me as a significant annoyance.

OK the problem has reappeared for me now lol… so i’m going to deactivate autobackup and see how i get on too…

Yeah, it’s starting to seem like an intermittent problem. I opened the same project that was problematic yesterday, but it’s fine today. Lovely.

Pretty certain auto-save doesnt kick in until you stop the track.

If it becomes unresponsive while a track’s playing it must be something else

And now it’s back.

I’ve just done a couple of hours with two awesome vocalists with it switched off and all was well…
Yep it does seem to be an intermittent problem i agree… annoying too!!

I’m noticing this as well on a Mac. Cubase 7.5.3/Mavericks 10.9.4 I’ve tried doing some system maintenance stuff, pulling out any unused plugins. Haven’t tried trashing my preferences files yet, but it’s intermittent here as well

I think I just found another bug, and this one is serious. Look for another thread…

I was volume automating a snare track and I noticed the track level meter giving different peak levels on different playbacks of the same hits.

So I rendered a mixdown twice - with just the snare soloed - then used the wavelab file comparer. it determined that the files were different. There were no plugins involved by the way - just the snare track soloed with volume automation.

I think i SHOULD add that this started happening POST trashing prefs (After melodyne decided to be a bit of a c#ck as it does sometimes)…

I just tried non real time rendering and 2 different exports come up identical. So the issue is unpredictable playback - which it’s doing during real time rendering. i use external effects, so I have to use real time rendering…

At any rate the locking up of the system does appear to be related to autosave. I haven’t tried turning it off, because I don’t want to lose that much work, but the issue happens less often as I increase the time between autosaves.

Yep it’s DEFINITELY autosave… i’ve had it turned off for a couple of days now and not one slowdown… just have to remember to ctrl+s constantly with the occasional save as :frowning: