system dump/backup of module

Greetings, folks.

I am planning an update to my TD12 Roland V-Drum module. Before I do this, I would like to do a backup or sysex dump of everything on the module now. I guess I have been fortunate, but I haven’t really ever done this before, having saved all my patches and whatnot in the old days to Unisyn, so that was always safe, but now, before I mess up everything totally I want to back it up.

Is it possible to use a sequencing program like Cubase or others to “record” this backup? I’m really in uncharted waters here so I would like some comments if any of you have been through this process.


If you are doing a sysex dump, then yes. Simply hit record in Cubase before you tell the device to do the dump, the data will be on the track you arm for recording.

Also, confirm that Sysex is not being filtered out in Prefs>MIDI-MIDI Filter. (By default t is not)

How long do I record it for? Will it show when data in the midi track? Will I look in the midi filter and make sure sysex is not blocked? Correct?



When I have done it I watched the midi status indicator on the transport and stopped recording after it was quiet for a bit.

The device sometimes will state that the operation was completed too.

Thank you, Steve. I will give it a whirl.



I tried it and it acts like it is in record, however does not record anything. Part disappears after recording is stopped.

Any ideas?



That would mean there’s no data being fed to the track.

Is the input port assigned correctly? Is the MIDI filter not filtering out Sysex?

You can instantiate the midi monitor plugin as a midi insert on the track to watch while you start the dump from the roland unit to verify that it is sending, or you could just watch the midi indicator on the Cubase transport.

Also have you seen this: ?

Is the MIDI filter not filtering out Sysex?

Highly likely as this is it’s default setting.

Preferences/MIDI/Midi Filter - Untick SysEx